United Presbyterian Church

Sunday Service Livestream

Our Sunday Service Livestream is now streamed directly to our YouTube Channel, as well as our Facebook page via Facebook Live.
You may view it by clicking the link below, on our Facebook page on your web browser, or on the Facebook App on your iOS or Android device.

We go live at 11 am CST every Sunday.

Our Media Team

Kerwin Pittenger

Camera Operator & Graphics Coordinator


Cell Phone: (817) 240-1564

Kerwin is currently a Junior at Keene High School. He is very knowledgeable in the Audio/VIsual field, broadcasting, filming, photography, video editing and special effects rendering. He runs our livestream on Facebook Live every Sunday, and is responsible for camera operations and graphics coordination.

Kerwin is currently also Director of Media Production at his school. He runs broadcast for Keene High School and is director of various media productions. He has chosen to help serve United Presbyterian Church with minds that search, hearts that share, and lives that serve.

Isaac Gravitt

Sound Coordinator & Operator